Welcome to 2016!

So I haven’t done anything here since June last year, all my good intentions faded into day-to-day humdrum and just keeping up with myself and my friends. I want to make this place somewhere i can share what I’m planning, doing and dreaming of doing. Here goes! 

First up i need to finish changing the zip in Teresa’s gorgeous dress. I’m useless when there’s no deadline and Teresa telling me ‘no rush’ was fatal, so that’s my priority. Next up is a dress for Netta. We’ve talked and talked about it and finally i have got a couple of vintage style Vogue patterns. She is in search of the material so the game is on. 

I have some material from Fabric.com to make a Walkaway Dress. If that goes well i could have another 5 or 6 to make before October……eeeeek!!

In the meantime here is Elias in his Marvel Shirt – made by me, delivered by Santa (make-up by big sister Tilly). 

Below Tilly & Elias in classic supermodel poses (they’re naturals!).