Summer is here!

Hmmmm….maybe 3 days of sunshine isn’t quite Summer but hopefully mother nature is just clearing her throat. We’ll see. Anyway, Netta’s dress is done, she’s making her own petticoat (thank you Netta!) so I’m just waiting for a pic of her in her splendour! 

Onwards now, i have ordered some lush charmeuse in a lipstick red (!!) for a gorgeous pattern i have found – Vogue 1474…..can’t wait. 

Look at this! The fabric looks like liquid, a bit slippy to work with but well worth it for the finished article. More to come….

Now i’ve also been coveting a tulle skirt in Sew Today Nov 2015 so i’ve had to order 44 (yes forty four!) metres of variously coloured tulle. I’ve gone for silver, grey, navy and a grey and blue sequinned tulle to top it off. Looking forward to having a go at that one. Bye for now. 

Going good, Spring is Springing….

So, I finished the zip for Teresa and she was very pleased to see her dress again. Also, I have done the Walkaway Dress, went well, only took about 4 hours, I tweaked the sleeves a bit for me and had to adjust the button at the back but otherwise and lovely straightforward pattern.

Apologies for the lack of makeup and state of my hair but just focus on the dress!

After a bit of discussion we have decided that we might go for similar styles, different patterns and different materials. We’re worried that we might end up looking like a dance troop and expectations of our abilities might be over-hyped. We’re going to have to get together and talk it through.

Another project is a dress for Netta, she’s got some lovely material and a pattern – Sweetheart – from Sew-La-De-Da ( It’s underway, waiting for first fitting…..


Welcome to 2016!

So I haven’t done anything here since June last year, all my good intentions faded into day-to-day humdrum and just keeping up with myself and my friends. I want to make this place somewhere i can share what I’m planning, doing and dreaming of doing. Here goes! 

First up i need to finish changing the zip in Teresa’s gorgeous dress. I’m useless when there’s no deadline and Teresa telling me ‘no rush’ was fatal, so that’s my priority. Next up is a dress for Netta. We’ve talked and talked about it and finally i have got a couple of vintage style Vogue patterns. She is in search of the material so the game is on. 

I have some material from to make a Walkaway Dress. If that goes well i could have another 5 or 6 to make before October……eeeeek!!

In the meantime here is Elias in his Marvel Shirt – made by me, delivered by Santa (make-up by big sister Tilly). 

Below Tilly & Elias in classic supermodel poses (they’re naturals!). 


Vintage Transition 

I bought a gorgeous gold brocade dress at a vintage fair in Frome a few weeks ago, a bargain just for the material alone. It fitted well but being a straight long skirt, no good for dancing.

So i had an inkling i could add some godets and make it into something different. I had bought some blue brocade shoes at another stall for ¬£5!!!!! I positively snapped them up. So instead of hunting for matching material i got some blue brocade shot with gold……what do you think?? Bit quirky and probably won’t see it on a catwalk anytime soon but it’s growing on me….. 


Just completed!

A lovely linen top for Tracy – she doesn’t know about it yet but it will be winging it’s way to her in the post very shortly…next project, hmmm something for me maybe? I have some beautiful silk chiffon that’s been burning a hole in my material pile for a year or two now – and it’s getting lovely and warm now – might just make it in time for summer.