Summer is here!

Hmmmm….maybe 3 days of sunshine isn’t quite Summer but hopefully mother nature is just clearing her throat. We’ll see. Anyway, Netta’s dress is done, she’s making her own petticoat (thank you Netta!) so I’m just waiting for a pic of her in her splendour! 

Onwards now, i have ordered some lush charmeuse in a lipstick red (!!) for a gorgeous pattern i have found – Vogue 1474…..can’t wait. 

Look at this! The fabric looks like liquid, a bit slippy to work with but well worth it for the finished article. More to come….

Now i’ve also been coveting a tulle skirt in Sew Today Nov 2015 so i’ve had to order 44 (yes forty four!) metres of variously coloured tulle. I’ve gone for silver, grey, navy and a grey and blue sequinned tulle to top it off. Looking forward to having a go at that one. Bye for now. 

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