Going good, Spring is Springing….

So, I finished the zip for Teresa and she was very pleased to see her dress again. Also, I have done the Walkaway Dress, went well, only took about 4 hours, I tweaked the sleeves a bit for me and had to adjust the button at the back but otherwise and lovely straightforward pattern.

Apologies for the lack of makeup and state of my hair but just focus on the dress!

After a bit of discussion we have decided that we might go for similar styles, different patterns and different materials. We’re worried that we might end up looking like a dance troop and expectations of our abilities might be over-hyped. We’re going to have to get together and talk it through.

Another project is a dress for Netta, she’s got some lovely material and a pattern – Sweetheart – from Sew-La-De-Da (sewladidavintage.com). It’s underway, waiting for first fitting…..